6 Apps Every Dog Guardian Will Love

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When you’re walking your dog, have you ever wondered how many other dogs have marked your neighbor’s mailbox? Or maybe Fido ate a mysterious blob off the sidewalk and now you don’t know whether to keep walking or perform the Heimlich maneuver. As it turns out, there’s an app for that.

When it comes to my iPhone and 100-pound mastiff, the two are never far from my side. They both provide me with endless hours of entertainment and they both bill me at a monthly cost that would shock the feathers off a parrot.

So, why not put them both to a little work without spending any extra dough?

Dog lovers, here are 6 apps that you need on your phone today!

1. "Walk for a Dog" App (FREE)

Because... why just walk when you can walk with purpose? (And because, with three cats, two dogs and a ferret, there’s no more room in your house for another rescue pet.) Plus, your credit card is maxed out from all the holistic pet food and toys you buy. So, what better way to give back to rescue shelters then simply taking your dog on a walk? (or your cat or ferret on a harness?)

Download the app and use it each time you grab the leash. Every time you walk, Wooftrax, the creator of Walk for a Dog app, donates to your local rescue shelter. What an easy way to make a difference! DOWNLOAD HERE.

2. Map My Dog Walk (FREE)

Because, the last time you got lost, and when it comes to navigating, your dog is more Toto than Lassie. Download this app and you can map your walk from the time your dog drags you out the door to when you drag him back in. Track your calories, log your walks and measure your time, distance and speed while staying synced to your online account at mapmywalk.com. (Keeping your dog healthy and exercised is of course an extra bonus!) Now you can feel free to wander aimlessly... and still find your way home. DOWNLOAD NOW.

3. Pet First Aid ($0.99)

Because you still don’t know what that mysterious glob was and the piece of vegetation hanging out of your dog’s mouth is questionably similar to poison ivy. Use this Pet First Aid app to get quick answers to your burning (no pun, intended) questions. With step-by-step instructions, you can work through any everyday pet emergency. You can also program your pet’s information and veterinarian’s information into the app for easy access and availability. And hey, isn't a dollar worth some peace of mind and you're furry friend's safety? DOWNLOAD HERE.

4. Weather Puppy (FREE)

Because puppies are more accurate than groundhogs and before you head out on your walk, you need to know what the weather is like that day: rainy, cold, warm, or sunny with a chance of "awww". Download this app and you not only get the day’s weather but a cute puppy picture to go along with it! The puppy changes based on the weather and time, and you can add your own pup’s picture if you prefer to see his cute face everyday. The app also partnered with several dog-related charities to fundraise through using the platform. DOWNLOAD HERE.

5. Dog Boogie (FREE)

Because it didn’t happen if you don’t have a photo, and looking off into the distance, sitting beautifully still with the tall grass swaying in the background is the perfect photo opportunity. But, you raise your camera phone and... SQUIRREL! Download this app and you won’t have to compete for your dog’s attention to get that perfect photo anymore. The app uses quirky sound effects so your dog focuses on you as you capture your dog-walking moment. What!? Yes, it's that awesome. DOWNLOAD HERE.

6. DoggyDatez (FREE)

Because it worked for Pongo and Roger and you owe it to your dog to discover what other pooches have visited your neighborhood fire hydrant. He’s been trying to discover whodunit for long enough now. Download this location-based app and you can mark your territory to see who else has visited your area. The single map view allows you to see marked territories of recent users, nearby territories or territories around the world. You can also use the advanced search to connect with users by age, gender, dog gender, dog age or dog breed. DOWNLOAD NOW.

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