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Dog Dragged by Car Gets New Chance at Life

CJ, the Husky mix that was dragged by a car in LaVergne on March 13, has been adopted and is enjoying a new lease on life...

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Suffering of Greyhounds Exposed in New Report

Humane groups unveil the first-ever national report on dog racing, documenting cruelty and neglect, deaths, and thousands of severe injuries.

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Pawsitive Changes at MACC

We were thrilled in 2013 when Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control (otherwise known as MACC) began taking critical steps to make positive changes in their shelter programs and policies. We're even more excited that they are kicking off 2014 with even more great efforts...

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Pet Community Center to Open Low-Cost Spay Clinic

Pet Community Center has already helped thousands of animals in need throughout Middle Tennessee. Now, the nonprofit organization is gearing up to open a high volume, high quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Nashville in the first quarter of 2014...

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Capturing the Last Moments of Life

You may have seen his photos circulating the internet recently: stark, honest images of dogs lost and unwanted in this world. Many folks online have been criticizing Taiwanese photographer Tou Chih-kang for taking photos of shelter dogs just moments before euthanasia, saying he should put those skills to use in trying to find them adoptable homes... However, I see Chih-kang's work as a devoted ministry; a heart-wrenching labor of love to tell the stories of the dogs who have been cast aside by society, to let the world know that they were here...

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Feline Spay + Neuter

Spring is the beginning of what I like to call “crazy season” for cats. Females have spent all winter reproductively dormant. As the days grow longer and the nights become shorter, a specialized gland in the female cat’s brain recognizes that spring is coming and turns on their reproductive system. What does this mean to us as a community? That as spring approaches, every unsprayed female feline comes into heat, like clockwork, in unison...

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The Spay + Neuter Solution

Why spay and neuter? Because there isn’t enough room for all of the pets that crowd our nation’s shelters. Because every day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in America. Puppies and kittens that have no place to go. Because as long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all the pets brought into our world. And because, as a result, the ASPCA estimates that between six and nine million pets will be put to death in shelters this year...

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