Urgent: Help for Dog Dragged by Car

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A LaVergne man was arrested after allegedly dragging a dog behind a car. Police said Timothy Sams now faces felony charges thanks to a concerned citizen.

A neighbor saw the incident and captured it on video using his phone. (Edited video can be seen here via WSMV.)

“Every now and then we may get a call that may come in to this severity, but as far as being able to prove it, our hands are normally pretty tied,” said Shea Davis, a supervisor with Rutherford County Paws. “But we have video.”

Davis said the neighbor didn’t stop with just the video. He followed Sams to his La Vergne home and waited for officers.

It took police more than an hour to get Sams to come to the door. Once inside, detectives said they found evidence of the crime.

“The car was in the garage and the chain was still wrapped around the driver’s side mirror,” said Matt Fracker, a detective with La Vergne police.

Officers found the dog, CJ, inside a garage. Somehow he survived.

Animal control officers also found another dog tied to a cinder block behind the house without food, water or shelter. The house where the dogs were found has been condemned.

Davis said despite all CJ went through, he doesn’t have broken bones.

“CJ is doing great,” Davis said. “We look forward to getting him healed and finding him a home.”

Sams is being held on an $8,000 bond. He is charged with aggravated animal cruelty and resisting arrest.

Source: WSMV

- According to the Rutherford County PAWS Facebook page, and despite all that CJ has been through, he is doing well and is "currently on pain meds and is in great spirits. He will be starting laser treatment later this week to speed up the healing process, compliments of Dr. Warren."

- A Change.org petition has been started by local animal advocate Laura Woods, asking for proper justice for CJ. Please make your voice heard to let authorities know that citizens demand his abuser be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Below: Eyewitness Video Footage of the Incident that Led to the Arrest of CJ's Abuser

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