The Square - Murfreesboro


If you love dogs and food as much as I do, and if you live in or ever venture out the way of the 'Boro, then you'll be happy to know there are no shortage of pooch-friendly dining patios to enjoy with your furry best friend. The Square in downtown Murfreesboro is a quaint little historical area with a plethora of unique shops and restaurants. The streets are elegantly lined with lampposts and potted flowers. benches line the sidewalks, providing plenty of spots for resting, people-watching and soaking in the sun. It's also a great way to meet other dogs and their people who are out and about...

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Fido Feng Shui

Pet hair in your sofa cracks. Bones and toys scattered everywhere. That comfy but not-so-pretty dog bed in the corner. It’s no secret that living with pets can take its toll on a household, and your home can quite literally go to the dogs in a short amount of time. How many of us have looked around the house and wondered, “Where does my space come in? The one that looks like that room in Southern Living?”...

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2011 Readers' Choice Awards

Meet the winners of our 2011 Readers' Choice Awards! It’s no secret that Nashville has gone to the dogs—and cats. As pet lovers, we have the best in bakeries for Bowser, pet-friendly patios, doggie daycares and mobile groomers. We’ve got amazing mutt-friendly hotels, beautiful boutiques, dedicated animal welfare groups and bountiful dog parks...

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The Local Green List

So you’ve gone green: you recycle, carpool, filter your own water and buy recycled paper. But is your pet green? After all, with our natural resources at stake, it’s important to reduce the carbon paw print, too! Fortunately, it’s easy providing natural and earth-friendly products for your pet pals thanks to the vast variety of eco-friendly beds, toys, leashes, grooming products, litter and more...

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Asheville, NC

Hiking trails galore. Gourmet dog bakeries. Dog-friendly dining patios. If you’re looking for a great getaway, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more dog-friendly destination than Asheville, NC. Whether you’re in the mountains or in the city, there are not many places that don’t welcome your four-legged friend, which means you can have endless fun together...

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Chattanooga, TN

I’ve lived here and there all my life: growing up an Army brat, we called everywhere from Berlin, Germany to Fort Bragg, North Carolina “home”. As an adult I lived in Chicago for almost eight years before settling here in Nashville in 2005. But as a Chattanooga native, I have always carried with me the wonder of mist-covered mountains and a wide, winding river. Chattanooga will always be my true home, where I return again and again to spend time with family, and where I now love to bring my canine pals for a little adventure...

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Mobile pet businesses deliver to your door

Our pets mean everything to us. But let’s face it: giving them everything they need can take a lot of time and energy! If you’ve ever wished that pet care were more convenient, you’re in luck. We’ve got the scoop on a variety of local pet businesses that come to you, making it easy to pamper Fido all from the comfort of your own home...

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Healthy Cat Habitats

The bond between a cat and human is a beautiful, heartfelt expression of love. Our relationship with cats dates back a few thousand years, and yet all too often we still don’t seem to understand our feline friends. As mysterious as it may seem, however, decoding your cat isn’t as difficult as it might seem. In fact, living in harmony with your cat is often as simple as understanding his basic environmental needs. If you’ve ever noticed that your cat sleeps too much, exhibits unwanted behaviors or shows signs of anxiety, chances are your cat’s home habitat may very well require further consideration.

A boring environment can contribute to behavior problems such as depression and anxiety. Cats who are not adequately mentally and physically exercised are also at risk of developing boredom-related or stress-relieving behaviors such as over-grooming, chewing inappropriate items, bullying other pets, retreating into isolation, over-eating and more...

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