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5 Tasty, Frozen Treats to Keep your Dog Cool

Keep your dog happy, healthy and hydrated with these 5 frozen treats

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Photo Booth Pics from Earth Day

Did you get your picture taken in our tie-dyed photo booth at the Nashville Earth Day Festival? Photos are now up, and you can even purchase a souvenir print!

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Behavior in Public Places: 6 Easy Steps to a Well-Mannered Pooch

While my dog is obedient at home, taking him out in public around other dogs or in close proximity with someone who may pet him is usually a disaster. If your dog is anything like mine, they suddenly lose their innate sense of hearing and you may wonder if “intelligent” should be listed under their breed description anymore. But don’t lose hope: your dog is simply just as excited as you are about the new environment and just needs a little practice with his table manners. By the time patio weather is in full swing, we will hopefully have my pooch and yours minding their p’s and q’s in public in no time. Here are a few tips that have helped me to get you started...

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10 Questions to Ask Your Pet Sitter

Before you leave town, here are 10 questions you should be asking a potential pet sitter.

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Creating a Green, Dog-Friendly Retreat

Gardens of Babylon offers tips on how to create an outdoor space that is safe and beautiful for your family and the earth.


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Spring Cover Shoot with Doxie Pups from Agape

How fun and adorable is a cover shoot with 3-month-old doxie pups? About as fun and adorable as you can imagine! Check out all of the cuteness and grin as wide as your face. Then, once you've ooo'd and aww'd for a few minutes, learn how to help pups like these by supporting Agape's special campaign.

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Happy Campers: A Roundup of Local Doggie Daycare Options

Check out five local pet resorts that offer your pooch pal a day full of fun while you're at work...

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6 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

How to have a safe holiday season with your pet...

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Flying With Fido: Do or Don't?

Is air travel right for you and your pet? 

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Canine Water + Swim Safety

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy cool water with your canine companion, whether by pool, stream, lake or ocean. However, many dogs die needlessly each year because the necessary safety precautions were not taken...

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