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Woofs and wags, readers! I’m Willie Fitzgerald, arguably the most pampered Pug on the planet, and if you’ve been around many Nashville Paw events, you’ll know that I’ve become the magazine mascot of sorts. Yes, I’ve done it all, from delivering magazines up and down West End Avenue with my mom to staffing event booths to appearing on More at Midday with publisher Heather Davis last year to promote our Canine Summer Splash. (Want proof? You can see the video here!) I have my own headshots, business cards and Facebook page. And now, as it should be, I have my very own column!

Each issue, I’ll be sniffing out the doggone best pet-friendly places, activities and events in the greater Nashville area, and then I’ll deliver the scoop right here. That way your pooch pals and feline friends can have as much fun as me!

For my first official pug-venture, I invited along my gal pal, Jazz. (Note: she’s a real babe.) She helped me check out some fab patios that welcome us four-legged folks, starting with Fido, the trendy café in Hillsboro Village, which used to be a pet store. I arrived there early to claim a table along the sidewalk, then Jazz came prancing up in a dress worth barking about.

Coffee is Fido’s claim to fame but they have an amazing food menu too. There is nothing specifically on the menu for us canines, but they do provide bowls of water for us, which we much appreciate, and mom says their variety of fresh, eclectic food tantalizes the tastebuds. Yummy desserts, too!

Chilling on under mom’s table, Jazz and I enjoyed the wafting scents and dogs strolling by with their people. Know what else is cool? Fido has a special program to honor dogs like me. Simply fill out a form, choose your pet’s coolest photo and make a donation to the Nashville Humane Association, and your own Fido gets inducted into the “Dog Hall of Fame” or is featured on a table stand.

Feeling pretty confident that a sweet treat for Jazz might get me some sugar later, we headed over to indulge in a frozen yogurt at Pinkberry on West End Avenue. Staff members Aly and Justin were super nice to us, greeting us as we arrived and telling us how adorable we are. (We truly are.) There was a big bowl of fresh ice water on their patio for us, too. Aly said she absolutely loves seeing dogs visit the store, so I was happy to make her day.

Pinkberry has interesting seasonal flavors of frozen yogurt and a toppings bar to bark for, including things like fresh fruit, chocolate (Poison! Ack!), cereals, granola and candies. Jazz, Rock and I all had the tarty “Original” Pinkberry with no toppings, although I did try a strawberry, which I promptly spit out.
I’ve put in a request for chicken liver yogurt, but whether or not they’ll take that suggestion remains to be seen. At any rate, one cool thing about Pinkberry is that they host in-store fundraisers for local non-profits and organizations. Groups receive 20% of the proceeds that result from event customers. How cool is that?

Want more pet-friendly patios? Head to our main menu, click our LIFESTYLE button, then click DINING WITH DOGS. Until next time enjoy prowling Nashville!

Fido Cafe
1812 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

2306 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN  37203

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Willie Fitzgerald and his mom, Christine Gibson, live and write from Mount Juliet. Willie loves his canine brother Chance, enjoying the pup-arazzi barking all about him, and prowling around Music City looking for the next doggone great thing. Be sure to visit his Facebook page!

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