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My dog Dodger is a bit of a softy despite my best efforts. He is scared of tricycles. His coat tends to dull when he doesn’t eat high quality dog food and he recently developed a rash on his paws. The latter of which prompted my wife to take him to the vet. So, over the years we’ve created an ever-growing accordion file to help us manage Dodger’s medical history, pet insurance and miscellaneous documents. But I knew we needed a new system when I found myself wading through stacks of paper after dealing with his most recent ailment. That’s when I did what any self-respecting American consumer would do: I turned to my iPhone for a solution...

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Fear of a Black Cat?

I’ve always thought we were incredibly lucky to find Dodger. Though we were convinced that we wanted to adopt a pet, my wife’s fear of animals forced us to visit shelters for months while looking for just the right forever friend. We were leaving the shelter after another failed pet interview when I spotted a four-month-old pitbull mix with the perfect amount of playfulness and friendliness needed to ease my wife into a pet-loving place. According to the kennel tag, the puppy had been at the shelter three weeks. A volunteer told us that puppies were typically there for a few days before being adopted. So, why has this little guy been left homeless while others hit the jackpot? At the time, I never considered that his black coat might be the reason...

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Faux Fur: The Battle of K9 Couture

Every war begins with a single act. This one is no different. Perhaps the first blow was struck when Paris Hilton introduced the world to her fully clothed pampered pup on the hit series, “The Simple Life.” Maybe people took sides when national retailers such as PetSmart began selling cat costumes. To be honest, I’m not sure when the battle began. But my house became a home divided when I walked through the door in December 2009 to find my buddy dressed in a Santa suit, fit for a puppy. That day, the proverbial line in the sand was drawn and my lovely wife stood squarely on the other side. So I pose this question: is it okay to dress up your pets? 

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Dining on the Historic Murfreesboro Square


If you love dogs and food as much as I do, and if you live in or ever venture out the way of the 'Boro, then you'll be happy to know there are no shortage of pooch-friendly dining patios to enjoy with your furry best friend. The Square in downtown Murfreesboro is a quaint little historical area with a plethora of unique shops and restaurants. The streets are elegantly lined with lampposts and potted flowers. benches line the sidewalks, providing plenty of spots for resting, people-watching and soaking in the sun. It's also a great way to meet other dogs and their people who are out and about...

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Nashville's Pet-Friendly Patios

Woofs and wags, readers! I’m Willie Fitzgerald, arguably the most pampered Pug on the planet, and if you’ve been around many Nashville Paw events, you’ll know that I’ve become the magazine mascot of sorts. Yes, I’ve done it all, from delivering magazines up and down West End Avenue with my mom to staffing event booths to appearing on More at Midday with publisher Heather Davis last year to promote our Canine Summer Splash. (Want proof? You can see the video here!) I have my own headshots, business cards and Facebook page. And now, as it should be, I have my very own column...

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Caring for your Kitten

Kitten season is upon us, and many of you may have likely adopted, or are looking to adopt, a new feline friend. Although you probably have a good understanding of basic kitten care, I wanted to offer some tips that can be helpful in caring for your new kitty. These are a few critical points that can have lifelong benefits for you and your new friend. And, while they may seem simple, they are often overlooked...

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Bloat: A Canine Killer


It's true: reading this article could save your dog's life. If you're a dog guardian, chances are you have at some point heard the term "bloat"; however, many dog lovers still don't understand exactly what this condition is, or how fatal it can be. We hope the following information helps you in understanding how to help prevent, recognize and treat this life-threatening condition to give your dog the best chance at life...

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Help for Chained Dogs

Local groups and advocates are making life better for pitbulls and other chained dogs in Nashville. Living day after day on a chain is a punishment no creature deserves any time of year... especially dogs, who are pack animals that desire to be part of the family...

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The Cruelty of Cat Declawing

To many Americans, it may come as a surprise that declawing a cat is illegal in countries across the world, where it is recognized as animal cruelty. It may also come as a surprise that it is indeed cruel. After all, we love our pets. We love our cats. And yet, many Americans continue to subject their feline friends to a barbaric procedure simply because they don't fully understand the procedure and its implications...

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Beyond the Backyard

Simply put, we love our dogs. We pamper them with yummy treats and belly rubs. We walk them, and toss the ball, and play chase in the yard. And that’s just the beginning! There are so many ways in which you can enrich your dog’s daily life while strengthening the bond you share and having fun to boot! Here are six of my favorite ways to offer health and happiness to your pooch pal...

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