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4 Instagram Pups You Have to Follow!


Getting through the work week can be ruff. These adorable Instagram pups are ready to help make it better!

Photo: @gummythepit

1. @gummythepit | 23k followers

When rescuers found Gummy, she was underweight and had been chained up for so long that the collar became embedded and had to be surgically removed--the origin of her neck scar, which can often be seen in her photos.

Says Gummy's adoptive mom, Panthita, "At first we were going to foster another pit bull baby, but the shelter told us that there was one who needed help urgently as she was going to put down the next day. After we saw her pictures, we decided to drive to pick her up that night! First thing we saw were her pink nose and those big eyes."

The couple only planned on fostering her, and had never had a dog larger than a Yorkie before. "We had no idea how gentle and loving pit bulls really are," she says. "I mean, she is literally scared of flies. If she sees one on the ceiling, she hides in the bathroom!"


Panthita says that in the end, Gummy really saved them. Gummy's foster dad had struggled with insomnia and chronic depression since high school. But Gummy helped change all that. "Gummy literally changed his life and although those things don't disappear 100%, they rarely revisit him now and that is the Gummy magic," says Panthita. 

Today, Gummy is forever at home with her once-foster parents, and is bringing daily smiles to more than 23,000 followers on Instagram. Just goes to show that a little love can ripple out and have big effects on the world!

Photo: @rambothepuppy

2. @rambothepuppy | 27k followers

You can't get much cuter than Rambo, a phoptogenic 6-year-old Maltese / Yorkshire Terrier mix with 27,000 best friends on Instagram! According to mom, he loves "fashion, food and Netflix" and can ride a skateboard and roll himself up in a blanket on command. He also happens to be a total pro at posing for the camera, as you can tell.



Photo: @lilearlgrey

3. @lilearlgrey | 54k followers

Li'l Earl Grey is a rescued pittie pup who has racked up an impressive 54,000 fans on Instagram, who could not help but fall in love with his adorable face. According to his adoptive mom, he reminds people to "never give up on any dog, even if they are born different."

She says, "Earl was going to be euthanized at a day old because of his cleft... and look at him now! These pups can be healthy and live happy, good lives." And just look at how many people he makes smile every day!

His parents also run @newyorkbullycrew and rescues special needs pups who need a second chance at life and love.


Photo: @marupgoma_c

4. @marupgoma_c | 92k followers

What do you get when you cross a Maltese with a Papillon and trim their ears? Apparently, you get a teddy bear! (Or, some argue on Instagram that you get a mouse.) Making adoring fans squeal out loud from her home in Tokyo, Japan, adorable Goma has ears that are #onpoint and a smile that melts any heart! She also loves posing for her Insta friends in a variety of cute clothes. Who can resist this face? Not you!


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