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New Music Video Features Snooty Giggles Dogs

New Music Video Features Snooty Giggles Dogs
An inspirational video that reminds us the we're #NotThatDifferent.


Our dear friends at Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue have launched a brand new music video, featuring their "Super Snooties" (special needs dogs) and an original song written and performed by singer/songwriter Jen Foster

The video debuted at a preview party in Leiper's Fork, and is now making its way around the interwebs, inspiring people everywhere with it's infectiously positive message of triumph, love, understanding and compassion. 

We invite you to watch and enjoy this beautiful video and song, then share it as far and wide as you can to help spread the word that "special needs" pets are every bit as awesome as any others. Snooty Giggles founder, Shawn Aswad, puts it this way: "Never be afraid to love something special!"

Before you click to watch the video below, you should know that even though most of the dogs in the video appear to have no issues at all, the majority of these dogs have extreme medical conditions or are very special needs. And they are all loving life!

Says Shawn, "In this cast of characters you will see a dog with only two legs, a dog with four legs that can only use two legs who also got dealt a diseased heart... a dog with less than 2% of their cerebellum (which means the brain can't tell the muscles what to do very well)... deaf dogs, blind dogs, dogs in hospice care with cancer, a dog with mega colon and mega bladder that is incontinent, dogs with emotional issues, a dog with one ear, dogs with chronic disease and so on and so forth. But you won't notice any of that, because they all live happily ever after because they were given a chance not to just live and exist, but to be whole dogs, even with all that they are missing."

According to Shawn, this special music video has one mission: to bring awareness to the world that there is nothing to fear in loving something "different" because, ultimately, none of us are that different after all. This can be applied to every living creature. 

"It's not just about dogs," says Shawn. "It's about that little boy sitting in the hallway who doesn't speak your language. It's about the lady who dresses differently and doesn't worship the same way you do. It's about the girl in the wheelchair and the old man who's alone in the grocery store that shuffles instead of walks. It's about the boy who grew up and loved a man. And it is indeed, about that dog without his back legs." In the end, we all want to be loved and give love back and that's ultimately what makes us #notsodifferent.

We hope you enjoy and share the video!

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