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Introducing the New THR!VE Healthy Pet Market

The Farm at Natchez Trace opens new market focused on compassionate, holistic pet nutrition


The Farm at Natchez Trace, located on Highway 96 West in Franklin, has for years provided pet lodging and care of the utmost quality. Their latest venture, THR!VE Healthy Pet Market, brings the same compassion and understanding, focused on ensuring that patrons have access to the healthiest, safest and most ethically sound pet foods. Challenging the myth that our pets' food can be merely filling, THR!VE seeks not just to impact pets’ lives but all lives by featuring brands produced by companies known for their ethical concerns and philanthropic goals.

Using modern veterinarian and dietary studies, carefully crafted menus provide dogs with a calculated amount of protein and nutrients from natural, healthy sources more similar to the diets from which they evolved. Raw pet food is undergoing a resurgence right now, with companies such as Steve’s Raw Food and Primal embracing current scientific data with regard to its ability to prevent obesity and counter allergies. Dog food and treats from a wide variety of vendors—including dry, freeze-dried, baked, dehydrated and raw food—are offered to meet varying needs, but all have a few things in common: all are focused on providing the best quality food at competitive rates, sustainably sourced, and generally focused on a greater mission. RAWZ, for instance, not only provides ethically sourced food absent of rendered fats, but also donates 100% of their profits to charities focused on service dogs, brain trauma victims and those with spinal cord injuries. Given the extreme differences between dogs in size, age and physical condition it makes sense that a wide variety of foods should be offered to suit all pets' needs. Being able to pair this concern with ethical considerations and charitable missions makes such companies as Legacy and Open Farm stand out from their commercial competitors.

Cats are given equal consideration at THR!VE with companies such as Weruva and Orijen providing wild-caught fish and free range meats to satisfy their need for a high-protein diet. Switching from primarily grain based to protein based food makes sense and, indeed, seems obvious, though it is only with the increase in interest both commercially and scientifically that doing so is a viable option. What is wonderful about all these providers is that they all seek to correct health and behavior issues through diet, providing a crucial element to pet health, which pet guardians who are unfamiliar with the importance of can sometimes ignore. Companies which THR!VE  promotes focus on more than just food, though, also providing products like organic, natural kitty litter.

THR!VE is changing minds already, appealing to pet owners of the middle Tennessee area. As the business continues to expand, undoubtedly pet parents will become more aware of their pets’ dietary wants and needs, in no small part due to the store’s staff. Those concerned about their pets' diet and wellbeing, or those merely curious, would be well served by a visit. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the setting idyllic: nestled against the woods by a creek and surrounded by open farm land, the comfortable stone and wood store is centered on a functioning fireplace where visitors can sit and talk with professionals about specific plans for their dogs and cats.

THR!VE Healthy Pet Market

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