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Wags & Whiskers Opens Third Store in Nashville

With three stores now open across Nashville, this locally-owned pet shoppe is more convenient than ever


Wags and Whiskers has become a staple for pet lovers in Nashville. After eight successful years in East Nashville and four years at a second location in the 12 South area, owners Amanda Beaty-Littrell and her husband Kirk knew they wanted to expand into West Nashville.

Earlier this fall, they did just that, opening a third store at the corner of 38th and Charlotte, featuring their signature self-serve dog washing tubs and holistic food and treats. Says Beaty, “West Nashville is a very exciting area right now with a great history and a lot of growth and new energy. Based on our success in East Nashville and 12 South, we feel that Wags and Whiskers and West Nashville will be a great match.”

She adds, “Wags and Whiskers was created with a dream of providing healthy, holistic products to our community at affordable prices. We began as a pet food delivery service in East Nashville and eventually grew into a full-fledged brick and mortar shoppe. Thanks to our community, our continued growth has allowed us to open two more locations. We are very proud and humbled by the support.”

While all three stores offer the same level of product knowledge, customer service and high-quality selection, they each have their own unique vibe. “We want our shoppes to reflect the uniqueness of each neighborhood they are in,” she explains. “At the same time, we want them to highlight our passion for pet health. To accomplish this, we designed the spaces ourselves.”

Beaty feels that support for the stores has been strong because of their commitment to pet health and wellbeing. “What sets us apart is that we practice what we preach,” she says. “There isn’t a product in our stores that we don’t believe in and wouldn’t use with our own pets.”

The retail focus is on offering holistic foods from family-owned companies, in a variety of options to fit every unique cat or dog and every budget. She says, “We offer kibble, canned foods and raw diets that are either freeze-dried or frozen for your convenience. Not only do we offer a frequent buyer program on pet foods, but we also have free samples of most every food we carry.” In addition to food, the shoppe also carries a variety of natural supplements to help everything from upset tummies and anxiety to joint pain and pest control.

The same vetting goes into deciding which treats and toys to carry. “Whether your pet likes chewy treats, crunchy treats or some type of jerky, we have the right treat for them,” she says. The store’s range of toys suit a variety of pets as well, from heavy duty ones for strong chewers to softer, cuddlier toys.

Wags and Whiskers also offers a frequent bather discount at their East and West Nashville stores, which both feature waist-high self-serve bathing tubs, all-natural shampoos and conditioners, aprons, towels, grooming tools and a blow drying station. Says Beaty, “We provide everything you need so that you can enjoy giving your dog a bath without the backache and mess! And, when you’re finished, we’ll clean the mess up for you.” The tubs accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages, and there is even a ramp for larger dogs that need a little extra help getting into the tub.

If you haven’t yet been to a Wags and Whiskers location, now is the perfect time to stop in for holiday shopping and grooming, as well as to learn more about their holistic food lines. For more information on their locations, visit

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