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Dog Swag!

4 of My Favorite Products for Big Dogs from the 2015 BlogPaws Swag Bag


Your dog is never too big to have toys.

But some toys aren’t big enough for your dog.

My mastiff, Midas, is not only a tough chewer but also a destructive one.

Since day one of his puppyhood, I’ve been on a quest to find a toy that can survive the clutches of his paws.

Chews and toys that claim to be impenetrable last only a few seconds in my household! When I give Midas his new toy, it’s only a matter of minutes before he’s mauled it to pieces and is looking at me in pure triumph.

Midas: "Don’t worry, Mom. The threat has been eliminated."

Me: "Oh, gee, thanks, Midas. That threat was $25.99 before taxes!"

When I set out to the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, I had high hopes that this would be the place I would find the perfect toys and bones for my oversized pup.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I arrived at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and was handed a huge canvas bag with (natural and safe) treats and toys galore! (Of course, attendees weren’t the only ones to be showered with pet gifts. With the help of 70 brands and nearly 550 attendees, $18,000 was raised for animal shelters. Not to mention, 27,000 pounds of pet food and $5,000 worth of pet products were donated to homeless pets!)

While Midas loved everything in that never-ending Mary Pawpin’s bag, there were a few products that stood the test of time... and teeth.

So, here are Midas’s pick for the top four products he found at BlogPaws that are pawfect for big and tough pups.

4. Bumble Bee Pogo Plush by PetSafe

Maybe it’s the crunchy. Maybe it’s the soft fur. Or maybe it’s just summertime? Whatever it is, Midas went bonkers for this toy!

After several days of shaking, tossing, running and cuddling, this bee is still in great condition!

This plush toy comes in several cute creatures, including a bee, beaver, ladybug, bunny and panda. The patent-pending design provides a unique bounce-back action, which discourages chewing and encourages playing!

There’s no stuffing, just a furry covering with tails, ears or antennas for grabbing action. It also has a squeaker if your dog is into that kind of thing.

Midas hasn’t been tempted to chew or destroy this bee, but it’s always best to watch your dog when they play with a soft toy and inspect them regularly.

It comes in two sizes. The large is $17.99 and the small is $9.99. You can find it here on PetSafe’s website.

3. Free Range Bully Stick by Only Natural Pet

Midas and I have always been big fans of bully sticks. They’re 100 percent natural and digestible, and a safe and tasty option for any size dog.

But they can also be expensive.

We fell in love with this particular brand for two reasons: the production and the price.

These bully sticks (pictured in the lead photo) are made from free range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle. No growth hormones, antibiotics or any other unnatural additives are used with these cattle. This means a very natural product for your pet.

It’s low in fat, high in protein and doesn’t contain any dyes or chemicals. Bully sticks are also long lasting chews (I timed Midas at 30 minutes of blissful distraction) and they’re great for maintaining gum and dental health.

But, wait... there’s more! (Cue cheesy informercial voice!)

A 12-inch Free Range Bully Stick from Only Natural Pet is only $5.52.

Shut the front door! At Kroger, bully sticks run me $5 for only four inches and five minutes of satisfying chew.

You can also order the bully sticks in bulk for an even more discounted price. Check them out here!

2. Himalayan Yaks Milk Dog Chew by Only Natural Pet

I didn’t think there could be a bone that was better than a bully stick. Only Natural Pet rose to the challenge and proved me wrong.

After pouring out the bag of treats and toys, Midas immediately grabbed this one. This chew is made from a combination of real yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and salt. (Tequila not included.)

A hard cheese recipe from the mountainous regions of Nepal, this chew is high in protein and calcium.

Allergy free, gluten free and preservative free, this is also a great treat for dogs with allergies or dogs that choose the vegetarian lifestyle. It comes in two different sizes. The large is $7.99 and the medium is $6.39. Midas tried the large and it lasted us three days!

Midas would gnaw for a while and then return to it later. A representative also suggested that when the chew gets down to a small size, you could nuke it in the microwave.

It’ll take on a soft, crumbly texture that prevents your dog from swallowing it whole. Learn more here!

1. Tuggo Dog Toy

Coming in at number one is the Tuggo Dog Toy, made right here in Nashville! I ugly cried with happiness when I discovered this variation on the classic tug-o-war game.

Since Midas doesn’t quite get the concept of fetch, this is our favorite activity.

A plastic ball is centered on a 100 percent cotton twisted rope. You can fill the ball with water or sand to create different degrees of tension for your dog. The more weight in the toy, the more exercise the pooch gets. The sloshing sound of the water also keeps your pup engaged.

As you play, the rope is pulled through the ball. The ball acts as a barrier between you and your dog or multiple dogs playing together. This feature was pretty important to me.

When Midas and I play, he tries to paw down the rope or grab the rope closer to my hand. The ball prevents Midas from doing this. 

This toy is very durable, and if your dog chews through the rope, you can easily replace it for $4.99.

A 10-inch ball is $29.99 and a 7-inch ball is $27.99. 

P.S. Our publisher, Heather, also loooves the Tuggo for her pibble, Briley. Pit bull and Mastiff tested, mom approved!

Please Note: The prices listed in this review are the prices on these websites at the time of review, but may change.

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