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Spring Cover Shoot with Doxie Pups from Agape

Meet Henry and Rembrandt, a pair of 3-month-old adorable siblings rescued by Agape Animal Rescue. The Dachshund mix pups had been taken to a shelter by their mother’s guardian, who said they were an “accidental litter”. (Accidents do happen, so please spay or neuter your pet!) While the two pups don't look much alike (and little runt-of-the-litter Henry is half his sibling's size), they are indeed brothers! Rembrandt has beautiful dapple markings while his little brother has a soft brown coat and the cutest, wrinkliest forehead!

While it was hard to get these two to sit still for all of the wrestling, our photographer Michelle Conner finally captured this beautiful shot of them snuggled up in front of our office window:

She also got a couple of seriously cute shots of tiny Henry:

And Michelle got some snuggle time in to boot!

But at the end of the day, it was this irresistible solo shot of rolly-poly Rembrandt that captured our hearts and the cover of our upcoming spring issue!

Might be one of the cutest covers we've ever had! Be sure to check out the new issue when it hits stands on April 1st, or subscribe now to have it delivered to your mail box hot off the press!

Fortunately, these cuties were adopted into a loving home before we went to press, but Agape has plenty of other amazing dogs just begging for a forever home! Want to help pups like Rembrandt and Henry? Support Agape’s annual #PupParadise campaign at, and you'll make tennis balls rain from the sky! (Ok, so we may not be able to alter the weather patterns to include precipitating sports equipment. But we can still create the Promised Land of a warm bed and endless belly rubs for local dogs. So log on to find out how!)

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