Great home design with pets in mindFido Feng Shui

Great home design with pets in mind


Pet hair in your sofa cracks. Bones and toys scattered everywhere. That comfy but not-so-pretty dog bed in the corner. It’s no secret that living with pets can take its toll on a household, and your home can quite literally go to the dogs in a short amount of time. How many of us have looked around the house and wondered, “Where does my space come in? The one that looks like that room in Southern Living?”

Of course, sharing your life with a beloved animal companion is well worth the compromises made to our living environments—but that doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the clutter. Now more than ever, there are so many pet-friendly design options that help to create harmony between the two and four-legged members of your house.

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui is an art of placement based on the belief that the flow of “chi”, or energy, permeates both our inner beings as well as our outer environment. It teaches that the placement of objects in your environment have a significant positive or negative impact on the inner chi and the overall wellbeing of those living there. After all, have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel walking into a beautifully decorated hotel room, while you may feel a wave of stress as you walk into your overly cluttered den? Or how a certain wall color creates in you a particular mood of calmness, energy or warmth?

We want good chi within our home, which consists of uplifting energy that benefits the wellbeing of both human and animal inhabitants. To avoid bad or stagnant chi, feng shui teaches the arrangement of objects within a space to promote flow and light, and to represent the five elements which bring harmony to our private world: water, fire, earth, metal and wood. Simply put, the system works off the notion that living with rather than against nature promotes a positive living experience, and we can all incorporate this into our daily lives—even with a house full of furry ones.

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