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Wallace: Pit Bull Hero

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When Jim Gorant’s debut book, The Lost Dogs, hit shelves, it swept the nation. Based on the pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s fighting operation, the hard but vital read finally gave a national voice to pit bulls—the most misunderstood and abused breeds in America. Now, Gorant continues to share the message of these amazing and beautiful dogs through his new book, Wallace: The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage and Championed Pit Bulls—One Flying Disk at a Time.

Saved from a suspicious breeder, Wallace was a dog with so much drive and intensity that he flustered the people and dogs around him to the point that the no-kill shelter where he ended up considered putting him down. But where some saw menace, Roo and Clara Yori saw misunderstanding. After a long fight, they were allowed to take Wallace home.

Determined to give Wallace the focus and support he needed, the Yoris stumbled into the world of canine disc competitions—an unlikely place for a big-headed, lumbering pit bull to make his mark. But through the sheer will of his unbending desire, Wallace exceeded all expectations, and along the way he helped salvage the couple who had saved him and became a symbol of hope and potential in a larger struggle.

Compellingly and eloquently told, the story of Wallace is a must-read and an inspiring message to be shared on behalf of pit bulls everywhere.  Get the scoop on this powerful book HERE.

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