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Update on Primate and Avian Rescue

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Many of you have been following the progress of the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) bird and monkey rescues this past week via our Facebook page. However, for those of you not on the site, I wanted to provide a quick update although I won't be able to give a more detailed account until our work is done.

As both the publisher of Nashville Paw and a rescuer and shelter manager with ARC, it's been hard to find time to report on the rescue, so please be patient as I try to find time to cover this more in depth.

The smallest of the four monkeys is this female java macaque, who spent most of her days hugging her toes. She and the others are now en route to Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary in Texas. 

Primates transport to a better life

ARC founder Scotlund Haisley offers this update: "After receiving an urgent call for help from the director of Bedford County Animal Control following the attack of two individuals by a fifth monkey, ARC jumped into action to save the remaining four from an uncertain fate. We moved quickly to send a small field team to the scene, while at the same time locating the specialized caging necessary to protect the monkeys and people who would be caring for them.

On scene, working with a vet team specialized in primate care and capture, I assisted with the tranquilization and exam of each monkey as they were removed from the dilapidated and unsafe caging where they were kept in sheds without food, water or enrichment in a backyard. The monkeys were then transported to a quarantine area of the ARC Emergency Shelter.

The monkeys are doing well and enjoying a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Placement for these monkeys has been secured at Primarily Primates - one of the few facilities in the country that is capable of providing the environment, expertise and care to allow these monkeys to spend the rest of their lives as close to naturally as possible in high-quality controlled, outdoor wildlife areas. More details on the relocation and placement of the monkeys will be forthcoming as soon as possible."

Last night, the four monkeys - two java macaques and two rhesus macaques - were transferred to a donated RV for transport to the sanctuary, with a primate expert from the Nashville Zoo accompanying them on their journey.

You can view video clips of tonight's farewell at News Channel 5 and News Channel 4.

A pair of birds rescued along with over 130 others from an exotic bird mill in Portland, TN.

Happier days for over 130 exotic birds

Dozens of exotic birds will make the long trip to Texas along with the monkeys, leaving about a hundred more still awaiting transport from our emergency shelter at the TN Fairgrounds to various placement partners. 

Says Haisley, "The birds have been housed at the ARC emergency shelter since the day of the rescue (last Wednesday). Avian vet teams and ARC exotics expert Richard Farinato, worked until late into the night until each bird could be examined and provided with any necessary emergency care. Birds were relocated to clean cages that were prepared with fresh food and water. The birds were kept in the same pairs or groupings that they had been found in.

The birds are all doing well and have now been surrendered to the custody of Animal Rescue Corps, although some legal proceedings are still pending. The birds will be relocated to partner rescues and sanctuaries where they will either be placed with a family or live their life permanently in a sanctuary capable of providing the best care. We will be making updates on the timing and locations for placement of the birds as soon as possible."

More details to come

Photos from both the primate and avian rescues are available on Facebook, and video footage should be released later this week.

For more information or for ways to support ARC's lifesaving work, please visit

Heather Davis
Nashville Paw publisher & ARC rescuer and volunteer manager















Here I am (on left) with ARC's TN State Liaison Peg Petrelli on site in Portland, TN at our raid of an exotic bird mill where we rescued more than 130 birds along with some chickens, roosters, cats and others. 

All photos courtesy Kristina Bowman for ARC.

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