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The Dog Days of Summer

Keeping pets safe in the heat

By: Heather Davis | July 12, 2011

Summer is heating up in Tennessee, and all too often, pets suffer for it. The dog days of summer can be dangerous for dogs living on chains, as well as pets left inside hot cars. Every year, countless pets die after being locked in cars while their owners work, visit shop or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

That's why I love the website MyDogIsCool.com, which offers suggestions on how you can help protect dogs from the dangers of hot cars. You can find out how quickly cars heat up in warm weather, whether it's too hot to take your dog along today, and how to get the word out that it's just not cool to leave a dog in a hot car, even for "just a minute." It's easy to spread the word with their educational materials that can be left on doors or cars, too.

You can also download this great flyer from the ASPCA.

And if you have a few minutes to read, this is a great article with information on heatstroke, summer heat dangers, safety tips and more.

Help your pets stay cool this summer... then spread the word so others will, too!