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Carry on the Good Fight

My response to the negative blog circulating the internet

By: Heather Davis | April 4, 2011

Hello fellow animal advocates and friends,

I rarely truly get up on a soapbox, but today I am climbing up on mine and waving my flag of decency and compassion. I hope you'll join me.

Some of you have alerted me to a certain blog circulating the internet, claiming sympathy for the woman who owned the puppy mill dogs saved by Animal Rescue Corps, saying she was a good ol' breeder and claiming the dogs were all healthy and taken without cause.

Please note that:

A) This is not a licensed nor humane breeder but a horrid puppy mill

B) These dogs were found dead, starved, anemic, matted to their cages, infested with ticks and ear mites and so much more. Any of the dozens of volunteers, donors or media that has been to the fairgrounds can attest to that. Animal Rescue Corps and Scotlund Haisley are doing fine work and we are lucky to have them here.

I am not posting the link to said blog because I don't dare grace its page with countless web hits.

Any individual or organization is bound to come under fire when your ethics are leading the way and stomping on the greedy hands of those who want to keep treating animals as mere profit makers regardless of the suffering caused.

This group of "humane watchdog" bloggers are the same people trying to attack HSUS and any other welfare organization they can because they view animals as mere cash crop and wish to keep treating them however is best for their pocketbooks.  I'll let you do your own homework on these "bloggers" and "watch groups", but any person with half a heart and brain won't give any weight to these blog posts.

Don't let a few negative, terribly misrepresented blogs discourage you in our fight for the animals. There is so much positive press about what ARC is accomplishing with these dogs, and so much to be proud of. And, at the end of the day, these dogs are finally, for once, free of suffering, fear and solitude. They are at last receiving the endless care and love they have so long desperately craved and needed!

As Albert Einstein once said, "Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities." There will always be someone fighting us when we stand for what is ethical and right. Don't let them deter you from speaking up for the voiceless and the helpless. MARCH ON!

For the Animals,

Heather Davis
Founder & Publisher, Nashville Paw Magazine
& Damn Proud to be Serving as Volunteer Shelter Manager, ARC Puppy Mill Rescue

PS: The chihuahua in this photo is one of the puppy mill dogs after rescue, enjoying soft bedding, a clean cage, fresh water and human love for the very first time. Beautiful photo courtesy of ARC.

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  • Cindy Thomas
    4/5/2011 9:25 am
    AMEN! This woman may have started out many years ago as a pet advocate, but she has certainly strayed from that responsibility.

    Thank you, Heather, and the countless others who remain steadfast in their commitment to the animals. God bless.

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