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A Success for Spay & Neuter

Post-event update for Art for Animals & Free Spay Day

By: Heather Davis | March 2, 2011

Guests bid on artwork at our 4th annual Art for Animals. Photo by Gregory Byerline Photography.

Guests bid on artwork at our 4th annual Art for Animals. Photo by Gregory Byerline Photography.

On February 11, with the help of 240 guests as well as many sponsors, artists, donors and volunteers, our 4th annual Art for Animals raised a net of nearly $7,000 for local spay and neuter! Our live art auction and silent gift auction were a great success, helping us to host our first ever Free Spay Day.

The funds hosted The Spay Station at The Factory at Franklin on February 26, where we spayed 6 dogs and 8 cats, and neutered 4 dogs and 5 cats. The surgeries were performed free of charge to pet guardians demonstrating financial need, meaning that we were able to provide spays and neuters to pets who otherwise would not have been fixed.

The remaining funds raised are being donated to "Love Fixes Everything", the spay and neuter program operated by Happy Tales Humane.

Nashville Paw Magazine is excited to currently be working on a nonprofit initiative to fund further spay and neuter throughout Middle Tennessee. As our plans take shape in the coming months, we'll be back with more details on how YOU can become involved in helping this vital cause!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our 4th annual Art for Animals a great success for the animals! A very special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Mars Petcare US, and to Tinney Contemporary for donating the gallery space.  We look forward to next year!

Heather Davis & Kim Sullivan
Event Co-Founders

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