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Submission Guidelines for Freelance Writers & Photographers


Nashville Paw magazine is proud to be Middle Tennessee's community pet magazine, celebrating the pet lifestyle and supporting animal rescue and welfare since 2006. Professionally designed and published on 100% recycled coated matte paper bi-monthly (every other month), Nashville Paw reaches an audience of 50,000+ pet lovers each issue in print and online. Our print circulation is 16,000+ per issue. Copies are available for pick up at locations across the greater Nashville area, and is available by paid subscription as well as via our free digital issue.

We welcome writer and photographer submissions throughout the year, although any issue themed or seasonal material should be submitted four months in advance. We work with professional writers and photographers only, so please be prepared to submit relevant published clips and/or sample articles or photography portfolios. Please note that we are a grassroots, community labor-of-love. (Read: you won't get rich freelancing for us, but you will receive great clips and exposure, contribution to a meaningful cause, and pay rate based on your experience, time with us and assignment.)

Please read our Writer's Guidelines and Photographer's Guidelines below before submitting.

Writer's Guidelines

We appreciate a conversational, creative and engaging writing style versus a more news/journalistic tone. Please familiarize yourself with the various departments and features in this issue for a good example of the magazine's tone and style. We also encourage spending time with our archived issues, which you will find under the "ARCHIVE" tab at this link.  While we look for intelligent, thoughtful articles that are well-researched and well-constructed, we also appreciate the humor and sarcasm that often comes through in the voice of many of our writers. Be professional, but feel free to surprise us with your own unique voice.

Nashville Paw typically publishes the following types of editorial each issue:

4-page feature (1500 - 2200 words)
3-page feature (1200 - 1500 words)
2-page feature (900 - 1100 words)
1-page department (400 - 600 words)

If you are a writer and would like us to consider your feature idea, please send us a brief query letter outlining your topic, as well as possible interview contacts, any available hi-res images (300dpi saved as jpg files), sidebar ideas and any other relevant information. Please provide a brief bio and a couple of published clips for review. If you do not have any clips, please submit the entire article on spec for review. (When writing on spec, please understand that you are not yet writing for Nashville Paw and, therefore, cannot represent yourself as writing for or in conjunction with Nashville Paw when approaching sources or leads.)

If you are interested in writing for one of our regular departments, or would like to be considered for article assignments, please send us a brief letter indicating your writing experience and areas of interest/expertise, a brief bio and a couple of relevant published clips for review. If you do not have any clips, please submit two relevant writing samples between 800-1200 words each for review.

All articles must be submitted in .doc (Word) format as email attachments. We do not accept article submissions via postal mail. Please note that our issue content is decided several months in advance; therefore, please submit seasonal material 4 months ahead of time. If we are interested in working with you, we will reply by email. Please note that we are not able to reply to all queries or submissions.

Writers receive a print byline on the article and in our masthead. Payment varies based on writer experience and assignment. Please send all submissions to . We do not accept submissions or pitches by phone.

Before writing for Nashville Paw, please download the PDF documents below in order to familiarize yourself with our tone and style:

Writer's Guidelines + Style Sheet

Sample Feature: "Restoring America's Treasures"

Photographer's Guidelines

We work with local photographers only, so please only submit if you are in the Middle TN area. We work with freelance photographers for a variety of assignments, from cover shoots, editorial and advertorial to our community event coverage. While our imagery is not overtly artistic, we do appreciate a creative style to commercial/consumer photography. Please see past issues for a taste of our cover, editorial and event photography style. We encourage spending time with our archived issues, which you will find under the "ARCHIVE" tab at this link.

Photographers receive a print byline on the article/cover photos and in our masthead. We often barter photography for advertising space, but also offer payment, which varies based on photographer's experience and the assignment.

To be considered for assignment work, please email your photography resume, a brief bio and a few sample pet photos, along with a link to your portfolio and images. 

Please send all submissions to .