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Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

30% more pets go missing around July 4th than any other time of year. Help protect your furry family member with these helpful safety tips from!

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Caring for your Kitten

Kitten season is upon us, and many of you may have likely adopted, or are looking to adopt, a new feline friend. Although you probably have a good understanding of basic kitten care, I wanted to offer some tips that can be helpful in caring for your new kitty. These are a few critical points that can have lifelong benefits for you and your new friend. And, while they may seem simple, they are often overlooked...

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The Cruelty of Cat Declawing

To many Americans, it may come as a surprise that declawing a cat is illegal in countries across the world, where it is recognized as animal cruelty. It may also come as a surprise that it is indeed cruel. After all, we love our pets. We love our cats. And yet, many Americans continue to subject their feline friends to a barbaric procedure simply because they don't fully understand the procedure and its implications...

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Beyond the Backyard

Simply put, we love our dogs. We pamper them with yummy treats and belly rubs. We walk them, and toss the ball, and play chase in the yard. And that’s just the beginning! There are so many ways in which you can enrich your dog’s daily life while strengthening the bond you share and having fun to boot! Here are six of my favorite ways to offer health and happiness to your pooch pal...

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3 Things all Dogs Should Know

There are three core behaviors that every dog will benefit from knowing and practicing reliably. Follow these tips for creating a better bond with your pooch pal...

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2 Ways to Speak Dog

Dogs are masters at using all parts of their bodies to relay their intent. The two ends of our furry friends are the most expressive, actually: eyes and tails can tell us a lot about how Fido is feeling...

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Working with Puppy Mill Dogs

Thinking of adopting a pooch rescued form a puppy mill? Congratulations! These dogs certainly deserve a second chance at life and will repay your kindness with years of loyal affection and love! Adopting a rescued puppy mill dog is one of the most compassionate things you can do as a pet guardian. That said, it’s also important to understand that your new pup may have very different needs from a regular dog...

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3 Things Every Dog Guardian Should Know

Some of the things good dog guardians should know are simple: always have easy access to your veterinarian’s phone number, keep your pups hydrated in hot weather, etc. However, the following are tidbits that I find many dog lovers are unaware of. I truly believe that understanding these key morsels of canine wisdom will help to improve your lives with your furry friends in countless ways...

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