It's a Doggone World

6 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

How to have a safe holiday season with your pet...

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Flying With Fido: Do or Don't?

Is air travel right for you and your pet? 

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Canine Water + Swim Safety

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy cool water with your canine companion, whether by pool, stream, lake or ocean. However, many dogs die needlessly each year because the necessary safety precautions were not taken...

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Stand-Up Paddling Goes to the Dogs

Music City’s water ways are a great place to teach your dog a new trick

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Rex in the City

Local summer fun for you and Fido around town

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6 Ways to Go Green with your Pet

Going green with your pet pals is easier than you may think. Here's how...

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Adventures in Dogscaping

The journey toward taming our turf

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Restraining Rover on the Road

The only thing my dog Dodger loves more than riding in the back of our SUV is leaping back and forth from the rear cargo area to the backseat. That type of system probably won’t land me on a top ten list for safe travelers, yet I was never bothered by Dodger’s acrobatics nor thought much about it—that is, until the birth of my son, Alex. The arrival of the baby in February brought Dodger’s free-wheeling road style to an abrupt end.  Although Dodger is fond of his new riding buddy, he hasn’t yet adjusted to the car seat I’ve unwittingly situated in the exact place he uses as a springboard. However, Dodger is not one to be deterred by an obstacle as small as a sleeping newborn, so he promptly began leaping over Alex in an effort to maintain his reign over the former doggie domain. That’s when I decided it was time for a canine restraint harness...

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Weighing the Benefits of Pet Insurance

A co-worker of mine is famous for sharing the amusing exploits of her rambunctious cat, Teddy. However, I am saddened to learn that a kidney condition recently landed Teddy in the hospital. Fortunately, Teddy’s veterinarian diagnosed the problem and developed a recovery strategy rather quickly. Of course, veterinary care can often come with a hefty price tag. Of course, for most of us, it’s a small price to pay for the health and happiness of our best animal friends, but what happens when we simply don’t have the funds for those urgent pet emergencies?

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Planet of the Apps

My dog Dodger is a bit of a softy despite my best efforts. He is scared of tricycles. His coat tends to dull when he doesn’t eat high quality dog food and he recently developed a rash on his paws. The latter of which prompted my wife to take him to the vet. So, over the years we’ve created an ever-growing accordion file to help us manage Dodger’s medical history, pet insurance and miscellaneous documents. But I knew we needed a new system when I found myself wading through stacks of paper after dealing with his most recent ailment. That’s when I did what any self-respecting American consumer would do: I turned to my iPhone for a solution...

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