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Affordable, DIY Pet Costumes

Get crafty and creative to make easy pet costumes on a budget


These fun projects let you create new products for your pets using old, cardboard moving boxes. Instead of bringing these boxes to the nearest recycling center, let us help you reuse-and-recycle them right in your own home to make new, useful objects for your furry friends!

First of all, we know Halloween is six months away, but is it really ever too soon to plan your pet’s next adorable costume for Barktoberfest? We don’t think so. These also make fun costumes for contests at Tomato Arts Festival and other spring and summer events.

It’s easy to make creative costume accessories from old boxes. The easiest costumes to make consist of your pet’s collar and a fun graphic pasted to cardboard that has been cut into the correct shape. With this method, we were able to turn our pooches (pictured) into a Beanie Baby and Scooby Doo, and our cats into Sylvester from Loony Toons and The Cat in the Hat.

If you’re looking for a more challenging pet costume, we also used cardboard cutouts and a dog collar to turn our Office Manager’s dog, Hersh (pictured) into a beautiful flower blossom! To make a flower costume, you’ll need to draw out two identical ovals connected by one of the long ends on your box. Use a box cutter or craft knife to cut out this shape. Then, fold the cut-out over your pet’s collar at the meeting point of the two ovals, and glue the two halves together to form a petal.  Repeat this process as many times as necessary to fill the collar with petals! You can dress this costume up by using scraps of fabric to cover the cardboard surface of the petals, or by decorating the petals with markers and other craft supplies.

We’ve also been able to put together a cat tent for our General Manager’s cat, Chandler, using an old moving box. Chandler is a very particular cat, and is less impressed by the new toys his parents order for him than he is by the cardboard box the toys arrive in. So we decided to build him a cardboard home that he was sure to like! We made the tent by tracing out a square on which Chandler could comfortably stretch out without touching the edges. Then we cut out four equilateral triangles using the side of the square as a measurement. In one of the triangles, we cut a hole big enough for Chandler to fit through, but small enough to make him curious about what was inside the tent.  Finally, we used our company packing tape to hold the pieces together! We could have dressed the tent up with a cushion inside and some patterned fabric on the outer sides, but Chandler was more than happy to play in the tent as it was. (You can find more images of these crafts on our Instagram feed @twomennashville.)

If you and your pets are getting ready to move soon, please give us a call for information about our moving services and packing supplies! Our phone number is 615-248-6288, and you can always find us at Mention this Nashville Paw article for $25 off your move!

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